Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Tape Matters

The difficulty with using the medical barrier tape is that though it works well as a cover and to support ( ie. it holds in my bones and joints) it is firm. This means, it does not stretch like kinesiology tape does. Ironically, the stuff is called "Cover Roll Stretch" tape, and thought it's an excellent hypoallergenic product, it is not "stretchy." I think the name it refers to "being able to stretch without injury" or something like that. But for me, the difficulty with firm tape this is I still have to be careful when I move about, since my skin and it's underlaying tissues are also too soft and stretchy. 
So because the tape is more firmly fixed in place, I can (sorry to be squeamish) end up ripping my skin and it's underlaying tissues off my bones a little (uggh!) if I move too sharply and abruptly, essentially tearing them too. Sounds little counterproductive hey?.. and this is why I went for KT or Sure tapes over the Rock Tape, which is heavy duty and hard, non-stretchy variety. However, keeping my bones, joints and verterbrae together still outweighs this drawback - as long as I exercise a little caution. I'm still grateful for cover roll barrier tape overall 
But I still do prefer the elastic tapes of course, and I'm looking forward to this Vara hypoallergenic and waterproof elastic sports tape which we ordered. I hope it's true to it's word, and if not, I can get my money back and keep using cover roll. However, I'm also starting on my Cromolyn (mast cell stabilizer) later this week, after I complete this mast cell test I have to do through the hospital system, on Wednesday.
I'm not allowed to start Cromolyn until then, as it could produce a false negative  .. but between the Cromolyn use, this new Vara stuff (*fingers crossed!), and/or cover roll, I will somehow remain able to tape! If I can't tape, I'm way more limited and ill, so it's really essential to find a way. The whole tape issue I had, which arose the other week, produced a spiral-down; Immune flare resulted in having to remove my tape, resulted in injuries and further flaring..
Really, Kinesiology tape is so very helpful to many zebras. We have options..I'm glad! Hopefully too, modern cutting edge bracing which will somehow be of similar calibre to K-tapes will be available in the future.

N.M. Rose Guedes

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