Monday, July 3, 2017

Superfiical 'Anti-bullying' ; A divide and conquer strategy (while real bullying remains endemic)

I get easily pissed off and irritated with these poser "uber liberalism" people on about "anti-bullying" and "expressing individualism" because I feel like it's really juvenile and surface based. It's so shallow compared to what's really going on. Compared to the real, deep seated adult bullying epidemic. When people who go around supporting all this "uber liberalism" they don't realize that they're only advocating freedom and respect for a select few types of "cookies"in which have been, thanks to the media, identified as "marginalized" .. as if that's some sort of "trend."
All while the rest of people, in the millions, who are insidiously marginalized and bullied to their deaths, continue to be abused...including by the "uber liberals." The entire global systems are based on adult bullying, and yet the 'lib-goofs" are all like "OMG WEHEHEH" over a fair select few people identified in the media as "being buwwwwied"
Oh please. It goes way deeper than that. People be acting like wannabe-enlightened preschoolers. It's like go sip at another pink unicorn frappuccino, while you wear thick rimmed wannabe geek glasses (because it's now "cool" to be a "Thooper Poor Marginalized Wallflower Geek") talking about how mean everyone is to people who want to breastfeed their eight year olds in front of everyone in the grocery store, while you also insidiously bully and criticize people who can't necessarily AFFORD to be AT the grocery store today, while you criticize the barista who made your Frappuccino, who has bleach blonde hair and seems obnoxiously loud, and "boppy" and "stupid" ..
Wouldn't it be interesting if there was more to that girls' story, like... you didn't know that the girl has a diagnosis of severe ADHD with severe Nonverbal Learning Disorder, and she got this job through a specialized vocational program, and although she's outgoing (and trying hard to be "acceptable") and attractive-seeming, she behaves a little oddly and seemingly "over-confidently"... It's because she too is disabled... though she's not wearing thick rimmed wannabe "I'm A Nerd" glasses and being all disgruntled and introverted like you are. So you pathalogize her, and laugh at her and treat her like she's a b***.
It's interesting when what you see isn't what really is, ie., she too is "different", in a different way from you. She's in fact technically "lower functioning" than you (for lack of a better term) .. but you pick on her, you snub her at the till, for being "too obnoxiously confident." Actually she has a disability, worse than you do, but she is making more of an effort than you, to socialize .. and how she presents doesn't fit into what the media cites as "Buwwying."
Then another charismatic girl with neon pink high heeled boots and heavy make up walks in, and she's also using a cane, and without knowing her, you sit there sipping at your pink frap while you assume she's an attention-seeking bitch who, because she happens to be physically attractive, obviously uses the cane to garner more attention to herself (not because she was bit my a Lyme infected tick, oh no... ticks don't bite pretty people .. didn't you know that??!) and, she wore those boots and dressed like that to "make other people feel bad about themselves and oh so narcissistically seek attention."
She's such a horrible attention seeking person isn't she? Oh no, she doesn't dress like that because she's a creative artist type and a woman who enjoys fashion, trying to rise above illness and chronic pain on a good day. It's almost as if the only "marginalized" people getting sympathy are those who fall into a certain stereotypically marginalized profile. The rest still get as bullied as ever .. and no one gets it.
It's funny how people are encouraged to "teach their kids to stand up to bullying in the schoolyard" - but if you try to stand up to bullying in the adult world, you are so easily ostracized, pathalogized, and the "who's the psycho" finger is pointed back out onto you. It's hard to stand up to bullying when it's invisible, because there's such denial of it's occurrence. We almost need to coin a term "Invisible Bullying" in order to be able to even call it out ... though there would be drawbacks to that.
You are somehow seen as horribly self-entitling, even narcissistic, for reacting to and being upset about being bulled unjustly, especially if it cannot be super obviously proven. Honestly, in spite of the utter superficiality of the uber liberalism, propelled by the trickster-esque mainstream media, it is total hypocrisy and bullying is not only still rampant, but endorsed.
The movie Zootopia is a brilliant depiction of these kinds of double standards. This is intentionally endorsed by those in power, as it's a divide and conquer strategy. Zootopia showcased an excellent example of the "divide and conquer" tactic by gradually coercing and brainwashing a more assuming marginalized group (prey) to actually gang up on and begin to discriminate against/bully a less assuming marginalized group (predator.)
This happens in real life too. One example is what tends to go on in the autistic communities. We're often seeing one more assuming type of autistic person (introvert/wallflower/nerd/"spock aspie") get more acknowledgement and sympathy for "struggling with aspergers" more so, all the while the more artistic, socially motivated, outgoing types remain viciously picked on by both society in general, and the aforementioned in autistic groups. You'd think the aforementioned would support their fellow autistics, but instead they're often insecurely trashing them and putting them down for being more charismatic/socially motivated ...
I hope they eventually begin realize that the more socially motivated autistic people actually take tons of abuse too, sometimes more so, and that they should really be more empathic and supportive. They struggle just as much, albeit sometimes in different ways. We're all different. But here's one example of a minority group succumbing to the subliminal effects of "divide and conquer." Although I have many great fellow autistic friends, I have also been really hurt by some fellow autistics.. This is why I had to break away and remain wary. But back onto original subject ..
In spite of superficial crap, we're still very much expected to accept the BS Illuminati-esque "get down in your place" programming that if we're being insidiously bullied, we can't really call it out without being framed as self entitled psychos. We're just supposed to sit there politely, smile, and take it, and not make a fuss...and underneath the rouse, that is how the world goes 'round. The only thing acceptable is some kind of weird opposite extreme, if it fits within what's "trendy" to be "discriminated by" ... So silly. Such double standards. I hope I make sense.
Certain people run the globe in the unfair and greedy way that they do *because* the rest of us are subliminally trained to just take it. I mean the real bullying. Not superficial stuff. If we don't take it, we're framed as disgustingly "bad" people who obviously "care too much" about ourselves. Oh heavens! How dare you care so much about your own self worth, how "shameful" and "inappropriate" and "rude" is that? "Get back down on the curb bitch. There's supposed to be a shoe on your head. Shut up and don't talk. Just smile and say something "fun and shallow" .. because you're part of my ladder."
Right, and I'm classified as an oppositional b*** because I didn't want to be part of a human ladder. I've been seen as somehow conceited, and framed as narcissistic, because I believe I have worth. I was on a quest to define my right to have self worth, to self actualize, and in that, I got totally bludgeoned and I'm now scarred to hell and weakened physically.
I was seen (by some) as though there's something "horribly wrong with me" for identifying when I'm being bullied and saying No. I was supported and backed by some in my community, who related and appreciated what I was dealing with, but not all. Some hurt me even more deeply, for trying to stand up for myself, which is the last thing I expected them to do. They attacked me when they fell into that vicious, empathy quashing "divide and conquer" trap.
Many, in fact those (sorry for the term again) "higher functioning" and less marginalized than me, and threatened by my staunch-ness and my light, picked me apart and became attackers. I felt like a young Malificent trying to enthusiastically assert herself,  self-actualize offer her viewpoints through her experiences in a genuine attempt to be helpful,- and they were the "wing-slashers" in the night. I felt heartbroken, shocked and betrayed. I had to do a lot of healing and it's been continuous.
It was especially because the ways that I am bullied are somewhat insidious (albeit vicious) and, not necessarily on the "In ... Ohh Poor You" list. So really, I do resent all this superficial "liberalism" in light of so very much underneath, which is being ignorantly missed here. I have experienced it. I know what I'm talking about, and I see examples of it all around me.

 - N.M. Rose Guedes 

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