Monday, July 10, 2017

Even Satan thinks the shoe factory's policies are kind of harsh ... 

It's disgusting, unhealthy and wrong for people to be working - particularly on their feet in a warehouse factory - from 6-7 am to 11-12 at night 6-7 days a week. But it happens all over. Plus how they get treated of course. I read they only recently got Sunday off .. wth? .. how can a body go on that way 7 days a week. That's how you get sick and die eventually, unless you have a super body. Even if you do. That's rough on the body. It's all awful. All #darkages. Such dark ages we live in now. So sad.

Yep the above happens all over the world a million times over. Of course it's not confined to shoes and Ivanka, but it's good this particular case has been exposed. Now they'll have to answer to it and make some adjustments for people who need employment and are being mistreated. They can't just "turn a blind eye" as they all like to do.

Working 7am-12am, 7 days a week is not a life. It's utter slavery. They even do worse than that to the people in the Ethiopian factories, paying them a third of the wage they pay chinese workers. Insane. People shouldn't have to agree to being slaves just to survive, to attain their basic needs. Such irony while the slavery they commence to steals their basic rights away from them anyway.

Everyone deserves to be rewarded for an earnest job with some pleasure. It should be illegal, otherwise. But it's far from illegal, and it's rampant. People everywhere willingly give up their quality of life so others can have an excess of life quality. But it's all ok in the name of the law ..or in the name of what is not a law when it should be.

Laws are all too often written to benefit business and profit, not people, with several loopholes allowing abuses of all kinds. Law is utterly corrupt. Must make more laws to regulate how laws are written.. Heh. 

Oh if only we could have Jesus Christ, Prince Siddhartha, Mother Theresa and a few other spiritual leaders return to walk the earth and start thwapping several deserving people hard over the head, then proceeding to leave them the gift; a screaming gargoyle wearing a diaper which regularly requires changing. This gargoyle will follow behind them (and no matter how many times they try to get rid of it, it'll reappear) until they clean up their act and start operating by an acceptable moral code. Actually I don't think any of the former spiritual leaders would resort to this kind of avenging, I think we'd have to call upon this guy for that;

"Seven am to Eleven pm - with only one 20 minute lunch break - Seven days a week...and you only just decided to give people one day off?? Wow you guys, that's kind of harsh, and it's unhealthy too. People need to be rewarded with some degree of pleasure you know. Especially if they work that hard. I think you should re evaluate your policies."

... Hahahah .... 

I think everyone would be forced to change their ways if only such things were possible. But alas they're obviously not. 

; / 

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