Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Declaration (catharsis)

(cathartic final declaration to "jelly bully"/psychic attackers)

I refuse to accept any more barf spewed at me by others' hateful envy. It's like, sorry you have a personal problem of self-loathing that you've chosen to transform into sadism and try to project out onto me - but here's a mirror faced back to you. Here's a deflection .. and here's your bowl. Use it, and then go call a shrink .. and believe you me, that's me being nice.

Should I care about your feelings when you have cared not for mine? Maybe I shouldn't. But in some moralistic sort of way, I do. I have some form of mature consideration for why it likely is that you (try) to do what you do, to me, or to another, in a similar way. But that doesn't mean I'll let you abuse me *a second more.*

Regardless of your deep-down reason, your deep down problem, it's not okay to lash out on me and abuse me. For one, you're making shallow, juvenile assumptions about me and my life, when you don't even know me. So it's not okay to scapegoat me, I will call you out on that, and from now on, as aggressively as needed should it arise.

I'll have my hands in a moment of prayer for sad little you over there, being so hateful. But touch me and those hands will shockwave you back against the brick wall on your back. You will hurt me no more. Physically, verbally OR psychically. Hear it: You will hurt me no more. You will accuse me no more. 

Yes, I can be a bitch...but when it is needed in the name of right. I'm one of the kindest bitches you'll ever meet. I'm a leader, warrior, friend, a helluvan advocate for your injustice and pain. I have been the wounded healer for people like you. Have some respect, and aim your arrows somewhere where they deserve to go.

So go look in the mirror and call your shrink. I've been wounded enough. Hurt enough. I'm scarred enough. I took things to heart. But now, I will now sit here on an armchair, with my sceptre and my crystal ball in my "castle on a cloud"  - like Cosette - making peace with my painful life, "letting it go" like Elsa, and doing what I want to make my life as palatable as possible in the wretched circumstance. Reaching for the stars, for peace, in the end. 

Don't f*** with that. Don't f*** with me. Get off my path, or brick wall "Voomphed" you will be. That is a warning. So Mote It Be.

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