Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Beautiful BC memories, journal

The recent negative politics and disappointments re: the state of provincial healthcare and lack of delivery, and my battle with illness battle has caused me to forget about the beauty of BC.

Gawd, what a beautiful province I live in. I wish I could see more of it again, but I'm grateful that on several occasions when I was young, my dad drove us through many parts of it, stopping to stay for a day or two at each, when we'd drive through it in order to get to Alberta to visit his family. We got to experience it like that. It was really fantastic.
We mostly took the very southern routes through, practically edging the US border, ending with going through Banff and Waterton etc.. though on the way back we'd go a little further North, a couple times through Jasper and Yoho I think it was. It's amazing how vastly contrasted our province is, in terms of climate. I'm looking at pics of the Okanagan Valley and it's practically like some kind of "mini California" in the warmer months.. Amazing places to swim (lakes) and of course, all the *amazing* fruit stands. Omg  I am a stone fruit fiend (cherries, apricots, plums..) So it'd be my heaven. We'd get practically drunk off the fruits, and be, ahem .. needing to make extra bathroom stops lol  ..
I saw some pictures this morning, which gave me such fond memories of my childhood. We'd go through the scenic routes, stopping in various spots of the Okanagan Valley; Osoyoos (the mini northern desert) Penticton and Kelowna especially. Then the Kootenays, then Banff (the latter of which belong to Alberta actually lol - but that's kind of odd because after Banff, it all goes flat, and then it really is like southern Alberta) I remember the ground being so hot, in Osoyoos, that it would burn our feet! This is in summer of course. You have Kamloops, the Okanagan, then you have the beautiful Kootenays, Nelson, Castlegar Valley..Haha my dad used to sing this silly tune when we'd arrive in Castelgar "Here we are in Castelgar" In a super low baritone voice, and we'd laugh..
Random fact, you can get a great bowl of Borscht in Castlegar, courtesy of the Russian spiritual christian Doukebors' influence there (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doukhobor .. but interestingly, they're vegans! Yes, polar opposite to russian orthodox; russian hippie/spiritual vegans lol. Imagine Russian veganism. Fascinating ..

Go up further North of BC and things change a lot, as in, it's a lot cooler in terms of climate. Well duh, it's further North lol. I'd like to see more of the North actually, but the Okanagan Valley is amazingly and fantastically summery in the summer. It's like Cali for real. In fact it gets scorching much more so than we do here on the souther tip of the Island!
I live in a beautiful province. I hope we can drive through it like I did as a child again one day, so I can re experience it as an adult. If and when I get this appointment with Dr Raj (dysautonomia doctor) in Calgary (my internist did refer me, it'll be a wait) I think maybe I'd like to take a drive through BC like we did!  I think i'm adding that to my #bucketlist 

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