Saturday, June 24, 2017

LGBT and organized fundamentalist religion; Not ideal still, but subtle changes

A young girl makes a speech about being gay and loved by God anyway, because he makes no mistakes. She is apt. But, it is sad that this happened in the way it initially did. She was escorted offstage. Her mic was cut. My heart breaks for this sweet and sharp young lady. She is brave. I would have like to hear her (finished) speech. 

It's an interesting story, though, in terms of the reactions in the aftermath. There's some objective discourse that has happened, at least. This shows that even some religious fundamentalists are seriously reflecting on this issue. They're gradually coming to the realization that deeming people to be unworthy, bad and even evil, simply due to their sexual orientation preference, is just downright stupid, hurtful, rude and insulting. This change is evolutionary, and so I hope some people will read this in a more of a "glass is half full" light, to see that although the situation is not yet ideal, and certainly has a ways to go, it still subtly demonstrates gradual change. May this event bring only more attention to the issue at hand here.

Rosie G. 

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