Saturday, June 24, 2017

Journalling; Rough patch

June 23, 2017 (FB statuses)

My kidneys seem to be a little bit angry right now, this angered my immune system, and I started reacting to my tape, and had to take it off .. itching like mad it's f***ing annoying. Skins' out in bumps in spots .. That's gonna look hot for pics. Yay chain reactions. Aether show me what the way needs to be for now until this stuff passes. I'm just in exhaustion from trying to get all my ducks in a row post cheque, to get on with completing project/launching. Have to ride this rather psycho Stallion to the top of the hill.

This stuff looks pretty awesome and at a reasonable price. I need something, as I can't have nothing, tape is the only thing standing between me and a potential lapse to a point where I can't move forth with my plans. My immune systems' beating me to a pulp right now, between antibiotics, mast cell threshold break due to latex and heat, and the irony of my spine shifting all around again due to having to remove the tape. On fire, even eyes burning, inflamed and nauseated, bad head pressure etc..feeling mostly anti social right now.. lonely.. but then don't want to talk about what I can't find words for without just re-triggering and pissing myself off and being a downer. I'll be out for the most part. Recovering my skin for a couple days with hydrocortisone cream, back on low histamine gruel, then I'll have to expense the nasty 24.99 for a small role of KT waterproof sport latex free, and hope the two tape ups I'll get out of that will last while I await an order of this stuff, which looks like the same thing for 60% less. Hope it's true to it's word. Aether be with. So mote it f****ing be ...

I'm trying to get things done while bedridden, pounding and swooshing head, burning stomach, nausea, spinning around me, aching bones, untaped (including hands) punchpunchpunchpunch .. 
 But hey friends don't worry too much about me.  I sound a little domesday as I've slammed rather hard into a rough patch. I'm just doing too much I guess (that happens with us) and maybe not watching my back enough. Several factors. Have to reflect and learn. It happens easily in a situation like mine because it's so tricky - so many issues to manage .. we have to be our full on "medical and naturopathic team", and sometimes a domino gets knocked. Prayers and/or well wishes welcome. I intend to go back to work from bed now, and if it gets real bad, shut er down and watch some Netflix or sleep till my body recovers/repairs. That all usually works. blessed be. 

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