Saturday, June 24, 2017

I can dream ...

I'm very sad to have heard news yesterday that a member of our victoria aspie/autism community passed away from a catastrophic stroke after many years of struggling with chronic health issues and trying to push through as best he could. He was only in his mid thirties. I have several other friends, dear people, great, lovely people, who don't deserve this "just clinging onto life and not living" shit. Losing their battles eventually. I am one of them too. I am but I will do ALL in my power to LIVE anyway, while I'm living. This is why I'm launching the music art endeavour in the way that I am, this is what it means.
I have so many feelings about this man's passing. It makes me reflect on so many things. The notion of seeing more friends of mine suffer similar fates. I feel very saddened, and angry, at the disgusting lack of medical care, let alone awareness and proper knowledge, when it comes to complex chronic illness. As we know, we are in a *very* dark time when it comes to this. I and many others suffer so greatly, because of this. Manageability is barely within reach, if not, impossible, and many slowly die this way until it's too much for their body and something takes them out.
It doesn't need to be this way but it is. Autistic and highly sensitive/neurodivergent people get the brunt of this because A) we are more likely to be affected by chronic health problems, genetic and environmental in nature, and B) we are bully targets within the systems that are set up not so much to help people, but to superficially help some, the ones who have the most "potential" to be lucrative customers of a disgustingly dishonest, inadequate and unequal medical system which is really nothing more than a business for profit, supposedly socialized, but actually just subsidized by Big biz ie. corporations.
If you don't have an illness most lucrative, too complex and thus money-losing instead of money making, and you cannot cough up tons of money to help yourself have a better quality of life, you are basically a soft kill. But we're more than just disposable problems, we are people, human beings, with the right to a quality of life .. what is keeping us from that? Is it the way the systems' set up? That's one thing. But worse, it's the environment. It's the crap in what we must be inevitably expose to, consuming, to turn our wheels.
We have no choice, the poorer we are the worse this is, but it affects all - except the absolute elite. The elite have choices. The elite get actual quality preventative medical and dental, and/or if they have a problem, quality repair meant to last. That'll be expensive as it won't produce a "returning customer." They pay thousands for, because they can. They have quality of life, because they can. While the rest of us are slaves, to what degree depends on financial position, and whatnot.
The rest of us are disposable. But we're not. We're people. We're human beings who want to have lives. Why can't things just be honest and not a big fat passive aggressive soft killing machine for profit? Why can't business be fair while people can be given the opportunity to live and die in dignity. Everyone's so afraid of lawsuits that they can't bring out the truth in the ways most crucial, so they can fix it ie. illness causing chemicals and whatnot. There are a lot of f** ups that have happened resulting in catastrophic numbers of illness.
Do they really need to corrupt the food supply for the purpose of making it more addictive, to maximize rate of consumption, for greed .. and people have to live off that or pay out their nose for something better. It is the way of a sadistically sly tier system. I could go on but I won't...
I won't be a victim baby. No one be victims of this garbage!! In the end we will rise above, in hopes for a New Renaissance...let's overhaul. Let's design a New System that allows people to live and die in dignity, and is not just a soft killing machine made of tiers of enslavements..
I didn't know him super well, but we hung out a few times in the group setting, when I was well enough to go out there more often. He was a cool and nice guy and a good friend of one of my very good friends. Very sad. Goodbye and godspeed my friend, and all of you who've lost your ability to survive within the machine. One day I hope it'll be different, and we'll all be free...
Freedom, I will emulate you daily, by stealing joy in whatever ways I can. No shame baby. No more! No more guilt that I'm indulging too much in it, when I'm well enough to try, and that only the elites can ride it like I will. No. Dazzle be my right and yours. No guilt allowed.
Everyone deserves dignity. Everyone deserves to reward their purposeful works with the icing of benevolent hedonism. Self sacrificial martyrdom so that other people can climb up atop you via their shoe and your head as a ladder... No. This should not have to be a requirement! We should not be obliged!
So no, it isn't ok that some people suffer. No.. the saying "life isn't fair" should not be acceptable. The fucking illuminati invented that one. Think about it .. it's not on folks! May pleasure and dignity not be reserved for the elite only. One day. This kingdom be. This land be real. The globe will live and love in peace, harmony, balancing meaningful, purposeful work with deserving pleasure.
Pleasure, joy, and fun! It is EVERYONE'S right. It is NOT only deserved by the elite. It is not ok to accept that some people should suffer while some do not. No. One day, let this be outlawed. I can dream.


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