Monday, May 15, 2017

Merch for funding! (unicorns aren't just pretty and cute)

We need money for #raredisease ; / It might be cute, the whole merchandising thing, but it's also serious. I also don't think people realize this. I don't mind the unicorn marketing that much, but I also think they aughta do more zebra stuff, rainbow zebras and definitely rainbow "zebracorns" .. It'll all be fun but, hey, here's a crucial idea that could, in the face of out-of-control capitalism worldwide, turn this game inside out and use it to help the mess. Sell the zebra and unicorn merch, pledge a portion of it to research etc. 

Ideally, it should be a policy/law. All of these products, ones which glorify and make light of the increasingly trendy image of "different", "unique" and "not believed" should have a percentage of their proceeds going to social reform and most especially to RESEARCH to SOLVE the scary evolution of disease being called "rare", though it isn't really rare, but just frightfully not well understood. We need answers. We need treatments. We need total medical system overhaul, worldwide. We also need social system overhaul, which plays in too. People are dying. I am dying, but hell, I'm gonna live til I do. Research. Awareness. Now. 

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