Monday, May 15, 2017

Innocence. Kneeling at the curb.

When someone who has been traumatized and abused acts out and does something criminal, badly hurts or even kills someone: They seem to be offered a secure environment with regular meals, medical care, and therapists; rehabilitation.
When someone who has been traumatized and abused refrains the former; internalizes as much as possible, to a point where it's poisonous to the health and evokes various genetic maladies, doesn't act out in such injurious ways, tries hard not to make mistakes in spite of little proper guidance and resources, tries to even turn their pain into helping they attempt to get help repeatedly until they are denied and traumatized further. They are then defamed and gaslit into thinking there's something wrong with them for thinking that maybe they deserve help. Then, they may seek alleviation with what pours fuel on the fire and hurts the body so much further, partly due to emotional and/or physical pain and partly hailed from the gaslit-born belief that they must deserve it...
So then they end up very sick and totally broken, further refused of help, and written off to go die.
Criminals, who didn't even ASK for help, are helped more and treated better than innocent, marginalized people; autistic adults, the chronically ill, disabled victims of Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder who are BEGGING for it.
Innocence. Kneeling at the curb.
Does it cost more to help the kinder hearted ones?
 - Rosie G 

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