Sunday, October 23, 2016

Extortion of trivial things is painful

I made a video recently after the whole story went down about Kim and Kanye's 4 million dollar ring being stolen, and I have a few more pertinent things to say about this subject. I can articulate a little better in type. That story being put out there in the public reveals the kinds of gluttonous expenditures these celebrities make...and so I ask; how the hell could anyone squander 4 million bucks on a ring, and in fact many things that they unnecessarily squander a lot of money on. It's stupid. It's pointless, and it's a horrible waste of money. But it's acceptable by the societal standards. Of course.

In commercial markets, tiers of value are created, and abided by. The gross discrepancies in terms of item pricing show that it is just a man made concept born out of exaggeration. Items might cost a little more if the materials used to make them are of good quality, hand made/boutique, organic natural source, and therefore have a higher value, but the prices of some of these items are unnecessarily high compared to their true value. This is unnerving.

I have no respect for anyone who squanders 4 million bucks on a ring, or 777.00 on a hamburger (I don't care how good it is) or 400.00 bucks on underwear. It's hard to find words for this, but it's infuriating to see someone with lots of disposable income just drop it on something trivial but extortion-priced, like the 777.00 burger, or a 300.00 pair of socks, or a 2000.00 bottle of wine, a 1 million dollar dress... all seemingly for the sake of doing so.

I don't understand why people need to spend this kind of money on items when they can still get good quality items for a much lesser price. Do they just want to rub in our faces that they are better than us? Or, what's the reason. Why has society created this pressure for rich people to buy overly expensive things, so that the markets can create a market exclusively for rich people, with items all extortive-ly priced. This is greed born and unnecessary, and pulls money away from other areas where it's badly needed.

Companies that price items like this take advantage of the rich, and the rich buy into it simply for the take of asserting their social status. It feels passive aggressively offensive when you compare it to all those people struggling out there. A kid gets a blouse at a low cost department store for 25 bucks, or a rich, celebrity kid gets a designer blouse for what, 200 bucks? There's no need.

777.00 is a month of groceries for a low income family, or a burger for a rich person. This is a totally passive aggressive caste system, and sorry to sound communist - but why is it legal? Why is it allowed. 4 million bucks on a single ring is insanity, just insanity, I think. So is a near 800 dollar burger. What the ____ ...

4 million bucks could feed a city of starving people. It could build schools and water pumps. It could help people here, in the US and Canada, get life saving quality medical care that they would otherwise not have access to. It's disgusting that people who have that kind of money would dispose of it there, instead of buying a nice 200-400 dollar ring, and investing the rest in actually worthy causes.

I'll make this personal for a minute too. I'm living a difficult life right now. I'm suffering with a rare/complex genetic health condition that is severely harming my quality of life and threatens my life itself. I'm fighting for my life here, because I can't afford the private healthcare available in the eastern united states, which would repair my system enough, and get me a new spine. I can't afford to privately order medical tests and am therefore at the mercy of a socialized system which limits testing and tends not to order the intricate, deeper layer tests. I feel so helpless, because I know so much could be done if I had the money. So yeah, it makes me rather angry when I see something like these celebrities buy a 400,00 dollar dress. That kind of money could give someone like me their life back.

Wow. The things people take for granted and base value in. I don't understand it anymore than I suppose they understand what it's like to really suffer.

Rosie G.

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