Friday, September 9, 2016

When info seems intentionally vague

Copy/paste of the email I just received 

Dear my ehealth registrant:
We are sending this email to notify you that there has been a change made to your my ehealth laboratory report(s) since you originally viewed them.
The report changes may include any of the following:
A new test result or supplementary report
A corrected test result or a adjusted reference range
A new copy doctor or correction of an ordering doctor.
Correction of the date or time of specimen collection
Other typographical or clerical corrections
Please view this new report in my ehealth. If you had previously printed the original report, you should destroy it by shredding and reprint the new report.
My ehealth reminds all subscribers that patients must always consult with their physician about the interpretation of their laboratory results and to seek her/his advice regarding any changes in the management of their health.
Your secure phrase: natural cures do exist and I beleive it.
Your secure phrase from the registration process is included here, so that you can confirm that this email is from my ehealth.
Never act on an email that does not include your secure phrase!
Please do not reply to this email address. If you have any questions or concerns, email us at

My response:

Rosie Guedes <>
7:24 PM (0 minutes ago)
to support, notify
I'm sorry but, it'd actually be fairer if you could please specify the report which was changed and why. Otherwise, how is one able to just "guess" which report this may be and where/why it was changed. Citing the possibilities in such a manner as you have only takes care of the bare minimum level of my supposed "right to the information" regarding what report was changed, and why, while actually making it nearly impossible to know, out of the many reports there, which one it actually is. Therefore I still do not know what changes are being made, because the design of this system makes it impossible for me to know. Although this may superficially appear to adhere to the "policy" you may have, it still doesn't specify the information for me enough to know where the change actually is. This therefore still withholds information from me via attempts to confuse me. Whether that's inadvertent or intentional, I don't think that's fair. Thank you.

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