Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Smarten up "kids"

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Sometimes I get a spark and trigger, and thus write a rant. This article on some type of protein powder that's supposed to "cure" and do all these "amazing things" did that for me. I shouldn't specify the article but I'd like to share this so here goes:
"Great. Excellent. OMG. Like. You should just take this!! Just spend lotsa money on this, cause it might help you yannow *Gaaw Gaaw* (Seagull noises) :D .. Ok. No: The Wellness industry is also being a wicked Python, just like big pharma has been, and actually they need to stop screwing around like this, luring people, saying "come to papa, barf out all this money for us and it miiiiiiiight make you feel better because we've done this pro-our-product biased research, so how's about you test it out on a blind guess, and hope it helps not hurts you and screws with you further! and we get richer, and you confuse your body or make it reliant on something that superficially treats an aspect of your disease, and we keep profiting, k! " :D ..  (and so really, it's just like how frontline, cheap, crappy under-evolved symptoms-only treating Rx is prescribed, though indeed far less toxic, initially anyway.) 
Yesiree, The Wellness Industry takes advantage of the fact that the medical industry is failing so many people right now, when what they should be doing is partnering and merging with the Wellness industry, doing research with them, and patenting EFFECTIVE Neutraceuticals and less toxic Pharmaceuticals in which successfully treat CAUSATIVE layers, to help adequately stabilize a generation of people genetically and immunologically damaged by Big Corporate lies and deception and Frankensteiny-science. It's a "science" that, for chronic diseases at least, brings quick fixes and then does far more damage then it fixes .. kinda like alcoholism or recreational drug addiction, isn't it? and then you have the after affects. Too many doctors today are like well dressed druglords with a pen in hand ready to write a prescription, because like a druglord, their solution to retaining profit is to KEEP PEOPLE SICK. It is not a solution. 
Don't these companies realize that there could be another way to do successful business, to retain profit, in an ethical manner, in a "fair trade"-ish kind of way? It's one where both the seller and the customer are happy with the result ie. by prescribing effective medications that stabilize a person in a way that their own body can do it's job to heal as much as it can, and at least maintain the rest without going into a cringeworthy downward spiral (one in which ultimately leads to death)? I believe it is TOTALLY possible, that such ACTUAL medical care could be delivered to people, and not just to the elite - but to everyone! 
So here's the fair deal; people could be reliant, sure, but on some things that help them function and thrive, and quell continual destruction from disease-fuelling mechanisms, so that the body can do it's job to heal what damage may have been done in the lead-up to developing their disease. People are so damaged and diseased now that a lifetime of need will be likely for many, probably your majority - and so isn't that good enough? Do you have to only keep people just-alive but all the while poisoning them and thus robbing them of quality of life, of passions, personal dreams, family times, special moments, for a lifetime until their end? Sounds like an unfair deal if you ask me. Reminds me of when Ursula the Sea Witch let Ariel go to shore for three days, albeit without a voice and thus mute, and all the while setting her up to fail anyway. Sorry to stamp my foot like a little girl and say it but: Heeyyy, that's not fair!! 
Personifying the corporations; Pharmy and Welly remind me of a couple bratty and selfish ten year old boys who need need to sit down and watch a video called "What are Human Ethics?" so that they could be reminded that there are ways to do things where you can indeed gain profit but, um, not hurt other people? If "they" would just truce and team up and do some research, we could have a win-win-win kind of situation.. Win = Big Pharma - Wellness - People (customers) .. rather than an increasingly miserable one which is probably going to end up crashing and backfiring if change doesn't happen more swiftly. 
People with chronic disease could (and should) have a chance at a full, and reasonable in quality, lifespan, and it could be thanks to good ol' Pharmy, backed by Welly - don't you want that guys? To quell the increasing dissatisfaction, and frank misery, unto success and thus happy customers who actually get their lives back rather than having their surface scary symptoms stifled all the while being miserably disabled and poisoned by side effects, and thus unable to have a life, including employment?

Fix your mess. Both of you...it's not just Pharmy's fault, k. It's all big industry. So you kids should smarten up now... before your industries crash from too many unhappy, or dead, customers.

Rosie G.


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