Friday, September 9, 2016

"Foxy" - a relentless false accusal blown up by mindvirus and media

(On Amanda Knox ie. "Foxy Knoxy")

*Disclaimer A*

Dear "Heretic Heckling Haters" of Amanda Knox,

Stop hating on her and getting off on destroying her, misdirecting blame and rage onto her, and thus trying to gaslight her because she's beautiful and a bit quirky and awkward, emotionally more reserved/slight flat affect/gender balance brained, as well as showing psychological signs of being gaslit. Yet still, she's desperate to prove (at this point even to herself) that she didn't kill that girl like that. 

She may not have been a perfect person but that's what these haters have used as a weapon against her in this complete witchunt frame. They have a sick idea in their heads that they believe to the bone and that's the end of it, but what that idea was born out of was hate and jealousy which took some suspicious evidence and blew it up into a complete and gross but sharply cunning exaggeration which then turned into a deep and pungent frame. 

But if you look past that evilly crafted stained glass lens, just as evilly crafted as a bunch of hate-filled, jealous, highly emotionally pathologizers could feasibly be; It is obvious that she is hurting, internally tortured in fact, and it is obvious that she is innocent through the trauma, nightmare and gaslighting effects that make her not know how to actually act anymore, without it possibly being used against her... she's still innocent, and I can see it and feel it. 

She may have made some mistakes that night but she didn't murder that girl in cold blood, the hoodlum Rudy Guede did, and his DNA is all over the room..and in the body of the victim. In spite, Amanda Knox sat on trial being crucified. Why? Because they hated her so bad they needed her to be the killer. They needed it so much that they forgot about actual justice for the victim.

People need to learn how to tell things apart. Though Jodi Arias seems to be a soc for real, Amanda Knox is not a cold blooded killer. You made her that way because you hate her because she's awkward but looks like a model. Prejudice. That's it. 

Rosie G. 

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