Thursday, September 8, 2016

Deceitful Canadiana (Where is Patch Adams when you need him?)

Passive aggressive and deceitful Canadiana at it's best:

There is a public healthcare system in which we're technically still entitled to here, but the problem is a lot of Drs want to make it a private one, and ...they're disgruntled that it's not happening, so they put their backs up and (ahem, sorry to be crude) "go private", in another way, on their patients... and basically treat them like dirt as much as they can get away with (until the person may get so ill that they can't anymore.)

Here's a brief list of examples:

-Delivering information/s in ways intentionally meant to confuse

- Gatekeeping patients to death in many forms ie;

- Using psychiatry to defame them eg. blame their health issues on mental health (and if you fight that they upgrade you from "depression and anxiety" to "major mental illness and/or severe personality disorder")

- Refusing to refer to deeply needed specialist care

- Refusing to order tests even for things like vitamin levels to screen for failure to thrive status

- Refusing to spend time with them enough to try to look at what's going wrong even if it's a serious safety issue

- Refusing to give authority to cover less toxic and causative treating meds (more expensive) and the same goes for more costly but more aptly diagnostic tests

It all costs them and affects their income, so that they can't buy another car or take another vacation and actually have to um, I dunno care about people and put time/effort/work in? Oh and also, apparently "mature" people with "mensa" level IQs still forget themselves and act like it's high school; They put "peer pressure" on the docs who actually do care and want to do more, so that many of those docs, particularly the younger ones trying to earn a rep, are confused and pressured to not care as much.

In addition, the above list is used much more harshly on those who they discriminate against; the lower income and the divergent minded (who often see through the BS and try to advocate for themselves. This often brings punishment.) Basically, on those who are most vulnerable and may lack the resources to fight back (ie. go to the USA and pay privately to get proof the medical care in such and such a way is needed.)

I find that if anyone's going to "go against the grain" and actually be a good doctor, it's usually the older doctors with some seniority but also with minds of their own who are staunchly good, objective minded people, who frankly are not as concerned about what their colleagues may think. But, this takes a strong, courageous character, and in a doc, it's increasingly hard to find in this horribly dishonest system which is mostly running on perpetually cheating patients in order to retain profits. So it's not much different to our southern neighbours in many ways, but it's kind of less honest about it, or maybe just differently deceitful. Apples and oranges.

Note: The former is true *especially* if you are rare and complex (because we cost them more money) but not as true if you have a disease that is considered more textbook typical and not as complex.

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