Thursday, September 8, 2016

Dear "Karen"

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Dear "Karen", (real name replaced)

I am suuuuper flattered that you told your son he is not to bring me into your nicely renovated and modern home, especially while you are away, because I live in one of the rougher housing complexes in Victoria and I look like some kinda "pretty junkie" (I have an illness, m'am) so I might try to ho-ishly seduce him (ever heard of men and women just simply being *friends*?) and/or steal something. You don't even know me, and if you had to deal with even a tenth of what I have had to for all of 48 hours, you'd be sobbing with a box of tissues and booking one of your little ***Finaaaaaaancially Secure*** :D:D therapy sessions. 
Typical upper middle class bullies and haters; picking on the disadvantaged and/or disabled because they're programmed to retain profit by annihilating the weak. I grew up in Oak Bay, I know all about it. My dad's a lawyer btw, actually - but you know not a rich one cause he "helped" too many people. Guess that's what happens when, um, you care a lot? Then my mom got sick with Leaukemia and resources dwindled etc etc. 
When I dropped out of high school they begged me not to cause I had a 4.5 GPA. But I couldn't sustain it so I pulled a quit-before-fail; I was so overwhelmed and hurting that I couldn't focus and couldn't deal with sensory. A teen kid shouldn't be worried about the things I was, and you made sure your own kids didn't have to... but how do things I couldn't control when I was an innocent minor make me less of a person and a "loser" today? To boot, your son also told me that you didn't like his ex girlfriend "Katie" because she's had some problems with her teeth and is unable to get them fixed. Wow. Shame on you for being so cold and shallow...
and lady; You don't know me. You may not even have the capacity to know me.

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