Friday, September 9, 2016

Dear "Karen" addition - Thank you for your support

*Disclaimer A*

Thank you from my heart, to those who supported me when I opened up about being discriminated against by someone who is not disabled and of a higher income level than me, simply because of how I look and present, telling her son I am not welcome in her house, since I'm apparently some sort of tramp. I didn't take it right to heart or anything, because I'm stronger than that now, I was rising above it and laughing it off via sarcasm..but still, the principal of it is ultimately hurtful.
This is also a person who told her son she didn't like his ex girlfriend because she was unable to afford to get her teeth fixed. How sad and shallow. Bad teeth are also a health hazard and they hurt you know. Don't these "fortunate" people realize that being unable to fix teeth to "look prettier" may not be a choice and have more serious consequences than just "looking ugly"? My goodness. Anyways ..
People like this are quite sickening, but unfortunately, they're everywhere. They're half the globe; on a spectrum between slight to severe, ie; superficial sympathy and pity, to indifference/bystander affects ie. not taking action to help people/humanity for change as in better ethics, more equal opportunities etc., to actual hate and actual opposition of such changes (ie. social equality, objective judgement.)
This kind of able-istic and pro heirarchical behaviour is rampant, and so is social profiling behaviour based on the way people look and their superficial/presenting traits (which may have many reasons behind them.) Between the two, it can seem depressingly evil and monstrous.
I can't lie and say that it doesn't at times deeply depress me and make me feel like society is hopeless, and that people are overall cruel, but I can't, even in the devastation my own scars have caused me, forget that I do know many wonderful people who are compassionate, reasonable minded, objectively judging, and sensibly wise.
There are many kind neurodivergents (some NDs have become, through trauma and anger, very unkind though, unfortunately) and non-neurodivergent but kind, objective, compassionate and wise people that I know, and whom I'm grateful for. Though half are on that "desensitized to hate" specrum, the "other half" at least, are on this "spectrum" of light... and it reminds me that there is still a lot of goodness and wisdom in people out there. Furthermore, it's not uncommon enough that there isn't still hope for humanity.
I wish I could connect more with the people I care about and deeply respect as people, and if I had more forks I'd be one to one connecting with all of them. I try and do my best, and overall you are in my thoughts. I will always be fighting the good fight with you too, as long as I'm here, and I'm fighting to be here longer and/or with better quality so I can do more and connect more.
I know that the only people who I will allow into my energy field from now on, will be those who stand with hope, light, and potential for wisdom. Nothing and no one else matters (other than to call them out when really needed, and while standing far away from them) "They" are responsible for whether they want to come stand with us, or they want to remain in the dark. I believe that some kind of "new renaissance" will happen somehow, eventually, rather than this world destroying itself. Love wins, love melts. Thanks for your Love.

Rosie G. 

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