Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Divergent rainbow stripes, even way back when

*Disclaimer A*

It's funny because most people with POTS/dysautonomia have a hard time with showers, and they say baths are much better. I have a hard time with baths, always have. But showers help regulate me, even saving my butt.

It's very odd but, my body and I just dont like baths. Never have. I dont like the "stagnation" of them, they make me overheat very easily and get naustead/POTSy. Showers do the exact opposite. They help get my circulation "flowing" and it feels great, it helps my system better co ordinate itself, and massively helps pain, which is weird because most people with POTS have the opposite problem, and opt for baths instead. Not me. I diverge from even the typical zebras, no wonder I felt like such a lone wolf almost. But I know there's probably others out there, like me.

I take long hot showers and rub essential oils that work for me and thats what I plan to do today after I finish something up here. Oddly, the magnesium sulfates recommended for the bath make me itch, but I take magnesium bisglyconate internally, it's the best absorbed and helps muscle tension a bit, too. I already took mine with my stuff and feeling a bit better but hanging for shower and then some tape. and I'll be good after that.

I always sit down in the shower though. That might be important to to note. Standing up in the shower too much, or for too long, will fuel POTS for sure. As a kid, to correct my circulation, I'd sit in a hot shower for a very long time, until the hot water ran out, with my feet under the water, because my feet would get cold and turn white. I'd first curl up in a ball and then I'd stretch my legs out and let the water flow over them, then at the end I'd get my whole body under but only at the end or I'd overheat. I would stand up carefully and slowly as I let the water flow over me, to wash my hair and "stretch out" and such. I still do this today, and it does help. 

I guess I instinctively recognized that my upper body was too tight and "heated" in it's qi/flow, and my lower body was cold and stagnant. I realize now that I definitely had autonomic issues starting when I was young, and I just had these little autistic rituals to deal. I was clever and in tune and I would just do what I needed to instinctively and avoid things I knew would trigger me...

However, when school started things got tougher. The school system traumatized me so bad, not just because of the autistic negligence stuff, but because of the forcing me to do things that were offensive to me physically. Eventually we got me out of PE because I would get so upset before gym class I would vomit in the change room. Then I had to "log" my activities (of my choice) in a book. Only after a good many years of traumatic torture, bullying and unnecessary injuries though. I hope things so that our zebra kids won't have to go through stuff like this, and can just be "allowed to be" as well as welcomed, accomodated,  accepted and supported. 

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