Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Dear MedBiz

*Disclaimer A*

*Sighs* I just read another article which made me need to write a good little rant-letter to, well, I don't know ... but here it goes:

Dear MedBiz (and Dear Society, too):

It's not ok for a young girl to be suffering like this, and they're everywhere, much more than people realize. Believe it. No more denials. Please. We need societies' support. Stop denying. Read what she's saying. How would you like to be in her shoes? In her body. This is a girl who is very young, loves to cook, play music, has hopes and dreams. Now she can't even eat the food she cooks. She can't get out of bed to play music. She's on tubes, and bags, and 24/7 monitoring..and one really knows how to fix her. and now her soul is breaking apart ..

Can you blame her?

This kind of stuff is happening to a lot of people, most of them young. YOUNG. We are your future. We are the now.

This is why medicals, and society, need to stop ignoring us, and in fact neglecting nearly all the zebra-bodies falling ill like this, unless they can somehow come up with the big bucks to see the few elite "come to papa, we have *right* the info" private practice doctors..

It's incredibly unequal, that only the zebras of the best financial means would get any inkling of a shot at quality of life...(but it happens with all forms of illness, I guess) and even then, sometimes solutions are not quite found. It depends on where you go, because every medical option you look at goats you, via saying it is they who have the answers, they who can help you. Of course. They're trying to sell you something. In this case, it's your quality of life, and even your life itself. It's a business. But can't it be a more honest, equal opportunity one? Given as though it's such a personal matter - you know - your life and all that.. it is kinda personal ...

.. because the other issue is that naturally based healthcare has far more answers that even the wealthy who choose top, but conventional, medical give it credit for. If the two sectors would just agree wot work together, rather than competing and poo-pooing each other, we'd have way more numbers in terms of successful recoveries and quality-of-life "reclaimings." Right now recoveries are minimal, and worse than that, very little regarding the deaths is talked about. So many are afraid of the truth. 

Turning a blind eye to the seriousness of this. Minimizing it with over-positivity which only sugar coats the truth, is keeping the wool over the worlds' eyes. 

The truth is that people are dying, and we need research. Badly. We need proper, honest communication. Badly. 

There are more "zebra-bodies" out there and being born, and more and more falling ill, sometimes even the children. Our ailments are not consistent with your textbook ranges. Ever thought of some open mindedness, and perhaps validating/confirming research, in terms of some of the ancient forms of medicine, tried and true, which metabolically body-type a person before considering their manifestation of symptoms.

Ever think ways of scientifically corroborating, and thus then incorporating holistic, integrative medicine, which is helping many people like us on the sidelines (when we turn to it, and if we have the moneys) would be a helpful thing to think about incorporating in people's conventional treatment plans? This way, we'd know more about interactions between the natural, and the manufactured, and be able to correlate it all better, reducing any possible risks. We'd see real recoveries. We'd see real life quality. We'd see real employability. We'd see genuinely "happy customers." Happy human being able to carry on with their lives with decency. We'd see a reduction in mental health issues. We'd see a better economy. We'd see a better world.

We are not cookie dough, we are people. Therefore, we cannot be cut into preconceived "shapes." In addition, the batter of the "dough" you have devised, to classify and cut into shapes, is evolving. It's changing in it's ratios of ingredients, being naturally "modified" to modern times. It's evolving. We're evolving.

The ailments that affected our parents and grandparents are beginning to diverge. Empirical evidence is demonstrating this. Stop using a mafia's worth of psychiatrists to call us mentally ill liars. Do the research. Develop solutions. Don't just systemically abuse us and throw us under the bus by defaming our characters if we don't just smile and take the torture. If we don't just accept the "soft kill."

It's not ok. It's not fair.

There ARE reasons..some of which are being covered up I am certain. It doesn't help to have ignorant "pro-sciencers" on one side, and just as ignorant extreme conspiracy theorists on the other. Everyone's left to wonder, and squabble... Well how about some real, honest, non biased investigations? Some real research. Some real accountability here.

Some things need to be uncovered, and will some "get in trouble" in the process? Maybe... and that's what's stopping things from moving along. The fear associated with the judicial system. (You know, the judicial systems' a biz too, so whose really in control here?)...

But too bad. It needs to stop. Do the research. Be accountable. Reduce the problems, with a plan of eventually eliminating the causes. Change the systems. Develop treatments that are both profitable AND actually helpful.

MedBiz, the "zebras" who didnt' matter are growing in numbers. We're not unicorns. We're real. We're zebras. We're becoming more common. You would think that with that we would be seen as a profitably large group of customers.

So in light of that, big MedBiz, tell your mafia members to GET ON WITH IT. Research. Educate. Accept what may have done/is doing harm, and eliminate it, and develop treatments that work. We're here for ya, waiting for some actually helpful treatments. We'll willingly take what will give us better quality of life without ten million unnecessary side effects some of which include death or near death, or an invitation to participate in Russian roulette, because it's easier than spending time/money pre testing someone to see how they will tolerate a treatment. How hard is it. Don't you want more people out there working, and less "burdening" on the system? Wouldn't that be ideal for a better economy? You would think so ..

and also, back to the, yannow, "human" part of this ..

People have a right to *some* quality of life. They also have a right to decency in terms of treatment and judgement, rather than being character assassinated for the purpose of discounting their validity and thus evading liability (or attempting to, it's going to backfire when we do stats on how many people are "diagnosed" with somatoform and factitious disorders .. really ..because *actual* cases of these disorders are not nearly as "common" as what will come back on paper post surveying.)

MedBiz, take responsibility, have an ounce of compassion or at least mercy - and find us the solutions - and for God's sake - get it out of the law that the terribly un-scientific psychiatrists' should somehow be at the top of the medical packing order.

Stop pussyfooting. Stop deceiving. If not, this will eventually be a lose-lose situation on both ends - when your "boycott" will come in the form of a "modern illness Black Plague" (EDS, POTS/dysautonomia/autonomic failure, autoimmune, mitochondrial disease, numerous genetic methylation cycle defects, etc etc etc) and you will not have the capacity to respond. Thus there will be masses of tragedies and heartbreak, and severely broken trust re: the medical establishment/s ..(not that there isn't a fair bit of that already) and when that happens in full throttle.. well, it'll be bad. Really bad. Why not face the music now, and look into real solutions rather than caustic bandaid slapping, backfiring cover-ups, before this all turns into a potential disaster? 

Dear MedBiz. People are hurting. People are dying. I know what I'm talking about because I'm one of them. Get over it. Get on with it. 

Acknowledge the lack of ethics, and be ethical. 

Rosie G. 

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