Wednesday, May 11, 2016

See Like This is a heart from the heart, and nothing else

April 2016

When I introduced the "See Like This" symbol out to share in 2014, I did it with genuine intentions, to help and positively contribute to the autistic community. Though some liked it, others slapped me across the face with accusations of being narcissistic, creepy, too guru-ish or whatever. 

It was never meant that way. I'm an artist. An autist/artist. It bore an abstract meaning of what is indicated in the sidebar of the photo. I wanted to creatively offer my take on an alternative to the puzzle piece, and also broaden out to welcome not only autistic people, but other neurodivergents too (ie. ADD and others which may not have a term) So,
I'm not going to give up on this symbol in spite of the hurt it brought me, which partly contributed to my mini-stroke autonomic crash episode that badly wounded my neuro-autonomic nervous system and has me now being like a 60+ yr old person with a lot of therapies to do. I will no longer put up with abusive cynicism lashed out onto me by aspie "advocates" who project insecurities bestowed upon them, through somewhat understandable reason, though it's still not ok (and what they really need to do is look in the mirror and attain help somehow, rather than lashing out on the hands holding out - like some of us including me have.)
Let's be sensitive, even if their stuff seems awkward and thus inadvertently inflated or cocky; they're only attempting to like and enjoy themselves and/or their idea - umm, don't spit on that! I've only tried to contribute to the activism efforts in my own unique ways, so either people can respect and enjoy that, or take their sickness elsewhere.
I will not be ashamed of this symbol, because I still like it and stand behind it's meaning. I will share about what it means and was always meant to mean, and invite people to do the "hand symbol" selfie (see the See Like This FB page for Cassie's and Donna's examples) if they want to - as I had done before. 

-Rosie G. 

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