Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Moving past toxic people with call-the-kettle-black campaigns

*Disclaimer A*

"When toxic people cannot control you or what you do (especially if they don't like it) they'll try to control how others see you"

Oh it's so true, and it is very unpleasantly shitty.

This is exactly how, three weeks ago, I was lying in bed on a saturday morning, flaring viciously, while being messaged by these two girls I don't even know who are like "how dare you treat your ____(unnamed family member, not my husband) so horribly and constantly ask him for help, you factitious b****!"

So then, I congratulated them both for being so dull-witted-ly stupid as to so quickly buy such insanely empathy-demented, disordered behaviour, without having any idea of the actual facts and situation. They have no idea what I've been through growing up in toxicity, spending my whole life trying to overcome it, and then getting more of it when I came out publicly. I certainly having no desire to put up with any more of it, due to the limited life I have left here. Then furthermore, I reminded them that I put a libel warning out there, regarding anyone who tries to publicly declare this garbage about me again.

You know, it's like saying that about anyone who really does have something like, cancer or some other serious, possibly terminal condition and really is battling for their life. My degree of and manifestation of EDS and it's complications are in the calibre of "possibly terminal", and those are facts.

Even if you don't like the person whose sick and fighting for their life - it's still extremely low to be harming their image out there so that they can't get help and/or fundraise til it's too late. Have some respect, when a person is fighting for their life, reaching out for help, trying to knock things off their bucket list, whether that be to wear sparkles and play the freaking ukelele or whatever and sing "I feel pretty" from west wise story every day til they lose their battle, or whatever ..

Whatever it may be, have some respect for the profoundly challenged, in pain, and life limited people. You don't have to "love" that person. You don't even have to like them, but shutting up and having respect is the least one can do, in this situation. It's amazing that some people are so toxic and/or disordered that they can even lose touch with this seemingly basic concept.

Anyways, I have zero tolerance for being berated by toxic, resentfully hateful people - especially when they go for the whole "she's a psycho feigning her illness for attention" thing... and this is why I put a slander warning out. My truth is factual and documented. I wear my truth, just ask me to pull my skin.

I have such strong evidence that I'm sick at this point, that I could expose even the most cunning of narcissists, which is why that psychopathic psychiatrist who tried to pick on me (as well as pick on several other vulnerable peeps too) has her day coming to her. She's hurt a lot of others but frankly what she did to me shoots herself in the foot and exposes her frank abuse. If she loses her position of power, which she should not have in the first place, all it'll do is a favour to anyone who could otherwise find themselves in harms' way with her. This would only be a blessing, because the woman needs to be put to a stop, anyway.

I could actually get someone charged with defamation if they opt to keep up this kind of insane and abusive crap. I have made that clear to those who try, and I will continue to. You don't have to like me, but facts are facts. I am battling a serious illness. It's 150% real, even in light of whatever else you might think about me. So; have some respect, zip your hateful trap, and go away.

That one girl got scared and blocked me (I told her I screen shotted all of what she said - and I did) and, the other one apologized. Don't mess with facts, they shut you down - and now off with you.

-Rosie G. 

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