Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Life is too short (so dress like a dolly er whatever else, if u want to)

*Disclaimer A*

This woman is a SuperHero, and she looks like one too. I love what this woman's doing; She is beautiful, and looks even more beautiful as a doll. I relate with the weakening, and the "uncanny valley" look that genetic illnesses like this cause, I get that - it does make a very pretty doll tho.. Hah .. for me, my muscles aren't degrading but my collagen. It's not the same but there's some similarity. So it takes me three times the energy to "hold myself together" and if not (while moving especially) I'll rip or tear or sublux something, and something which is already inflamed. I need help from people around me to do simple things now too, especially if tired. I won't attempt it cause I know I don't have the strength to hold myself together (literally) and will injure. But genetic illness doesn't keep us down; live life to the VERY fullest. I'm joining you sister. This is why I'm turning focus to music/fashion/creative art, and trying to contain the fork heavy, "ra ra" drama and whatnot. Life is too short. For her, and for me, that's literal.

-Rosie G. 

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