Wednesday, May 11, 2016

ABC123 healthcare ...

Doctors often say no when people ask directly for tests, putting people, especially those more rejection sensitive, in a position where they feel they have to coerse them indirectly, which is essentially manipulation. Then, when the patients tries to get their needs met this way (again, a way they feel cornered into) they often consider that patient “manipulative.” For any person this is tough. For neurodivergent people it’s extra tough; typical sociability does not come so naturally, so they have to think about these kinds of social scenarios thus more technically executing them.
This will make the process of trying to coerce the doctor more obvious. Either way, and with the latter person being worse off, doctors in socialized healthcare systems all too often accuse people, who are only trying to get their need met regarding their health concerns, of being a manipulative personality of some sort. Either that or they deem that the person has a somatic problem i.e.. they’re simply imagining their symptoms and experiencing them via delusions.You’re either manipulative and thus narcissistic-like, or delusional, for having a health problem that doesn’t have a simple answer, that is too expensive to solve, that doesn’t have an existing treatment (i.e. “product”) to be offered...
This entire sick ideology has been indoctrinated into medical health “professionals” by those running the systems partnered with those selling the “treatments.” I put “professional” in quotes because I don’t personally think it’s “professional” to make a pathology out of a persons’ primitive behaviour in the midst of attempting to meet primal needs. After all, people will do “crazy” things when their security feels to be at sake, including “coerse” ie. be “manipulative.” They docs should know ‘cause ummm - don’t they do the same thing all the time? How hypocritical. There’s the heppocratic oath - and then, there’s the Hypocritic oath, I guess …
But it’s all about balancing gain vs. loss. If a patients’ needs will cause a loss, because the testing cost is more than the treatments available (in order words: “So does this persons’ type of illness render a potential customer based out of current selection from our “Rx catalogue”?) then they have to find a way to write that person off. Then psychiatry comes in. This is why, in terms of clout, psychiatrists are so high up there in the “packing order” ... in fact up on the same level as medical docs. This is in spite of the fact that they’re not medical docs, and psychiatry isn’t really a science. However, psychiatry has been made a Kingpin in the Medical Mafia, because it is used as a weapon to devalue and silence a person. 
This is thought of as a convenient way to avoid liability (ie. the doctor being sued for neglecting patient’s reports of symptoms) you know, to say “well that persons’ crazy” and use that notion, which even gets written on paper (a type of defamation if you ask me.) As “legit” as they try to make this, it’s not, and it’s merely a "gate-lock” to the gateways which lead a person to a diagnosis, at which point they then expect some kind of treatment to address the problem/s (at least in the socialized system.)
In the game of diagnosis-evasion, either the treatment of the diagnosis doesn’t exist, is only accessible to the rich, or is too time consuming for them to administer - thus money consuming. Medical professionals working in socialized healthcare are groomed and coached to evade complex and costly-to-treat diagnoses which put corporates’ pocket books into the negative. 
ABC 123 Healthcare :D …
… but don’t they realize how bad this could all backfire? I think that today, there’s enough sick and debilitated people out there, who want better quality of life but have been silences as well as insulted, to come together and stand up against these absurd antics, which are in fact medical patient abuse. When medical patient abuse becomes a majority - what are they gonna do then? 
Ok so what are some better solutions. That’s an entire other piece. Maybe that's an economists job, or a team of medical-system-makeover-ists that would include economists as top lead. Not me. I'm just an autist-artist spouting a spin. Take what you like and leave the rest. But very basically; More research is needed. Better laws are needed. Less greedy attitudes are needed. etc etc...
I do think there are ways for profit to be still made in this process, though maybe not as much. Problem is greed levels are high and so is the thirst for optimal maximization or and ultimate protection of profit, beyond levels need to be up a couple notches from breaking even. Healthcare being a business is the way it is to an extent - but the way it is now is grossly unequal because the right quality of care is not accessible to a wide range of income levels, and a socialist “healthcare system for all” falls short when corporations have it by the balls.
It's almost better off to have privatized healthcare, somehow made at least more realistically accessible to all, then a system which claims to cover many who they ultimately get killed via neglect, under the guise of delivering “treatments" which are cheaper and therefore sub adequate. 
I want to conclude by saying it’s important to remember that there are many wonderful healthcare personnel out there, who are also suffering at the hands of the system. It must be really difficult for them to be wishing they could do more, and yet their hands are tied. It must be really hard for them to have to make such tragic decisions due to a gun being held to their heads. The ones working in this field who care must have hard times inside.
There are definitely narcissists and/or bullies among medical professionals. They certainly do have it easier…and they are indeed often hand picked for their “quality” of truly not caring about what they carry out.. but let’s remember that they’re not all sociopaths and/or narcissists, just like we who are complex ill are not all delusional and/or personality disordered. The systems and the awful faults throughout them are to blame for this. Greed is to blame for this. Dishonesty is to blame for this. People not thinking for themselves are to blame for this. Fear mongering is to blame for this…and it’ll continue “Unless.”  (“Like the lorax said”)

-Rosie G. 

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